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We specialize in all areas of Beauty Therapy from Waxing, Threading, Relaxing Facial Treatments, Tinting, Manicure and Pedicure, Make up, Massage and Effective Body Treatments.

At Enrich Beauty we have a newly equipped range of products from  asap Skincare,  Nahaia Active and Caithy's Organics 

The asap Skincare  range is designed to make skincare simple, results swift and costs affordable. ASAP products have been scientifically formulated to benefit women of varying skin types. These products focus on rejuvenating and correcting dry, sun-damaged and oily skin, minimising the signs of ageing and achieving an overall smooth complexion. Regular use of the ASAP range promotes the means to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin.

Nahaia Active Organics skincare products were created to provide a quality chemical free alternative for people who care about what they use on their skin. The result is a natural, organic and environmentally ethical product range that is pure indulgence. It is more than just a natural organic skin care range. It's active and clinically verified to give you anti-aging results.

Caithy's products are made in New Zealand. Sourced from forests & lands, Caithy's ingredients come from the most potent of natural resources.Ingredients are selected for their powerful nourishing qualities to create some of the safest, purest and most effective skin care.The astonishing properties of these plants work with your skin's natural function to protect, repair and nourish, without the side effects of harsh, dangerous or damaging chemicals.

Priya has successfully qualified as a Beautician from the International College of Camille and has a highly professional experience in the beauty industry.

Priya has also been awarded a Professional Growth Award from the International College of Camille for her outstanding growth as a beautician. Along with her great knowledge in Beauty Therapy Priya brings a caring and comforting approach to all her clients and provides them with extensive range of treatments in a relaxing environment.

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