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This beautiful set includes a natural cleanser, hyperpigmentation control cream, and a divine toner for hydration, for a lighter and more even skin tone. For all skin types.


If you really care about your skin & want to avoid harsh chemicals like hydroquinone, mercury, arbutin and much more, these are the products for you.

Caithy Organics - Ultra Skin Lightening ( a proven solution to your hyperpigmentation problem) is created as premium line by the combination of differentiated and selected natural & organics ingredients like licorice extract, ginseng extract, mulberry extract, organic cocoa butter & organic shea butter.  

This specially designed skin brightening set helps for younger, fresher, brighter & healthy looking skin. Customers & beauticians have informed their benefits in skin conditions like freckles, dark spots, dark elbows, underarms, knees, hyperpigmentation / dark discolorations, sun spots, age spots, tan damage, acne marks, old scars, knuckles & uneven skin tones.

Caithy Organics - Essential skin brightening set includes

Bright Cleansing Lotion - 200ml

Ultra Skin Lightener - 50 ml

Instant Hydrating Mist Toner - 100ml

Free courier for all NZ orders. Free sample with each order.

Start your routine today.

Set - Essential skin brightening routine

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